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As you may have seen, adverts have this week been placed in the national press, social media and community networks, inviting applications from local people wishing to serve on the Crystal Palace Park ‘Shadow Trust’. This will lay the foundations for the new, community led Park Trust, which will be responsible for all aspects of the Park’s governance and management. It is expected that the Trust will become operational during 2017.

There has long been a recognition that the Park would be best served by being governed by a Trust. Maintaining a grade II listed, 200-acre Victorian Park, with its mix of lakes, open space, woodland and Grade I and II heritage assets, is a challenge for any single London Borough. The fact that he the Park also needs significant investment reinforced its reputation in some quarters as being a ‘problem’.

The 2007 Masterplan aimed to address this. It enjoyed widespread support but was denied the opportunity of implementation. There have also been a succession of commercial development proposals which aimed to address the ‘problem’: – A Tesco supermarket; a Kuwaiti backed hotel and leisure development; The Multiplex proposal, complete with parking for a thousand cars on its roof, and more recently the Zhong Rohng ‘proposal’, although it is still unclear as to what they were actually proposing. None of these came to fruition and many felt that the idea of raising finance for the Park’s regeneration by covering half of it in concrete, was somewhat flawed.

The failure of commercial ‘solutions’ and the withdrawal by local authorities from the direct provision of many public services, including Parks, means that the establishment of a community-led Trust is the best means of providing what the Park has desperately needed for years, namely management by a single body dedicated to its regeneration and securing its future both as a Park and a national asset. We now have the opportunity to do this.

Would you like to become a Trustee of the new Shadow Board?

Do you have …?

  • Experience of serving as a trustee or board member in a professional or third sector environment
  • Working knowledge of the third sector and charitable practices
  • Experience of engaging with stakeholders in the community
  • An understanding and passion for heritage, green spaces and conservation
  • A track record of engaging and encouraging volunteers
  • Evidence of being able to work well in a group environment
  • Experience and knowledge of charitable campaigning methods
  • Knowledge of Crystal Palace Park and the surrounding area
  • An understanding of the political and economic issues facing urban green spaces and heritage sites

If you are interested in becoming a Shadow Board member and would like to find out more, please contact Sue Lee at  or 020 8315 1902 or Alison Navarro at or 020 8315 1915. The deadline for receipt of applications is 15th June 2016.

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