The Crystal Palace Park Community Stakeholders Group is a not-for-profit association working towards the regeneration of the park. We are acting in conjunction with other community groups in the area, with Bromley Council and various agencies.

The CSG is made up of eleven members, who have been appointed primarily for their various skills associated with the development of a park governance structure and their commitment to the regeneration of Crystal Palace Park, mainly through the guidance of the Master Plan.

Our Vision
We will work to bring the whole community together to support a regenerated, revitalised and sustainable Crystal Palace Park, creating an environment that is used, valued and admired by local people and visitors from further afield.

Our Mission
The primary aim of the Crystal Palace Park Stakeholder Group is to explore opportunities for the management, restoration, development and protection of Crystal Palace Park by:

  • investigating, reporting on and, on approval, delivering options for events, funding, site projects, marketing and publicity, and social investment – in conjunction with the Crystal Palace Park Executive Project Board
  • forming relationships with the local community and other interested groups
  • feeding back views from the community and Community Stakeholder Group to the Crystal Palace Park Executive Project Board

Our Values
Underlying the work we do, the following core sustainability values will play an essential and integral part of our activities.


We will

  • seek to maintain and develop the park through secure funding and sustainable income streams
  • promote ethical buying and local sourcing


We will

  • maintain and, wherever possible, strive to conserve and enhance the quality of the environment, ensuring all resources are used efficiently and work towards a carbon free future by:
  • cutting energy and reducing carbon emissions
  • promoting effective renewable energy sources and energy generation
  • reducing waste and encouraging recycling
  • promoting sustainable construction
  • reducing water use
  • conserving flora and fauna to help biodiversity


We will

  • ensure the quality of the park’s environment is improved, welcoming and accessible to all
  • ensure the park’s resources and opportunities will be available to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, cultural background, religion etc.
  • use a consensus-building, participatory process when making decisions

CSG Members
Martin Tempia (Chair)
Lucy Hopkins (Vice Chair)
Tim Bellinger
Mehul Damani
Lucy Hopkins
David Johnston
Elizabeth Longley
Elinor Michel
Ray Sacks
Annabel Sidney

Recent News

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