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  • Audio Commentary
    Welcome to the “Crystal Palace Park Community Audio Trail”. The trail started as a project for a final MA Museums and Galleries in Education coursework. It is completely voluntary and all participants in the project offered their time for free too. I am working on the remaining trail sections…
  • Park Leaflet
    Welcome to Crystal Palace Park a 200 acre (80 hectare) English Heritage, Grade II* registered park once home to Sir Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace…
  • Dinosaurs
    Professor Richard Owen was the man responsible for placing the giant lizards as a new group of animals and naming them collectively as ‘Dinosaurs’…
  • Darwin and the Dinosaurs
    Takes you back to a time well before mobile phones! Richard Owen creates the life size Dinosaur models for the park, with the aid of artist Benjamin Hawkins – an audio tale.
  • Park Heritage Trail
    Paxton’s Heritage Trail provides an interesting walk through one of London’s largest and most historic public parks. The full trail is approximately 2.4 miles in length …
  • Park CSG Flyer
    Flyer designed to advertise the CSG facebook page and this website – handed out at CSG ‘meet the people’ events …
  • Master Plan Interpretation Strategy
    Summary of the full Strategy highlighting the main topics.
    [The complete Interpretation Strategy document can be viewed on the Crystal Palace Campaign website –  go to the Master Plan, one-stop-shop page, under Item 6.]
  • GLA – 10 Point Plan
    At the Community Conference of 26 October 2012, Fiona Fletcher-Smith – Executive Director Development and Environment, Greater London Authority – presented some regeneration possibilities from the Master Plan with a funding base of 2£million.  The total cost of the proposed list was nearer 8£million but formed an indication of priorities.  The presentation (slides) is shown here in full.  This list should form the basis for the selection of projects (or at least for guidance purposes) to be included in the recent announcement of funding, also for 2£million.

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